Henry Cramer traveled to America in 1854 from Hanover, Germany, at the age of 13. This web site chronicles his life and his legacy.

Left: Henry Cramer, circa 1870

Below left: Henry Cramer's two sons, Henry Jr. and Edward.

Below center: Edward at 14 years old, and at 42 years old.

Below right: Susan McCullough, Edward's wife.

Bottom: Susan's and Edward's nine sons and daughters.

Henry Jr., and Edward, circa 1881


Edward, circa 1892


Edward, circa 1918


Susan McCullough, circa 1940

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Vincent, Robert, Herbert, Arthur, Edward, Kathleen, Helen, Evelyn, Miriam
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The Cramer Family Tree has been a mystery to all of us, for our entire lives. Any information prior to the early 1900's had been considered lost... up until now. Through information available on the internet, census data dating back to 1880, Civil War records, pension records, marriage records and artifacts, much of this lost data has now been uncovered.